Services for Purchasers

Services for Purchasers

First City Business Brokers act for both buyers and sellers, but never for both sides on the same transaction. 

We frequently assist buyers when they have located business via other sources and require objective, professional guidance and hand-holding on:-

  • Evaluating business purchase opportunities
  • Negotiations with vendors
  • Due diligence
  • Raising finance
  • The legal transfer processes (co-ordinating as we do not offer legal services)
  • Troubleshooting existing purchases which have run into difficulty

In situations where we act for the vendor, we are happy to refer clients to other professional parties who can fulfil this same function independently of us.


First City Business Brokers are happy to operate on either a fixed fee or hourly rate basis depending upon the preferences of our clients and the type of service required.  Our standard hourly rate for purchasers is £50+VAT.

Other Services

We work closely with a number of other niche professional companies and pride ourselves on offering a one-stop shop for business purchasers.  If we can’t do it in house, we will be happy to to match you up with someone who can.
Other services people buying (or considering buying) a business should consider include:- 

  • Mystery shopping – to help you get a detailed picture of how the business you are considering is actually performing and to provide you with a comparable against competitors.  This will provide invaluable information on room for improvement and growth.
  • Company formation / incorporation (i.e. setting up a new company for your business purchase).
  • Production of cash flow projections – to ensure that a business you are thinking of buying has sufficient profit and cash flow to allow you to service any planned borrowing and pay yourself sufficiently in the early years.
  • Market research – to help you ensure that any potential in a business that you are considering buying is realisable.
  • Demographic profiling – to help you assess the true catchment area or market size for a business you are considering, to assist in forecasting potential growth.
  • Corporate image design (e.g. production of new company branding and logos) for those looking to modernise an existing business they have purchased/are in the process of buying.
  • Marketing and promotions – to help grow a business you have acquired.
  • Production of business plans – to assist with growing a business you are buying or have bought.
  • Business health check – an onsite review of your new business by an independent management consultant to provide you with practical advice on how to improve sales and profitability.
  • Accreditation/quality control – e.g. ISO 9001 to improve internal systems and people

For assistance with any of these services, please contact First City Business Brokers for more details.