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BBC news reported this morning that the UK’s high streets are losing a staggering 32 shops on average each day. And it’s not just the small independent retailers either. 2012 has seen the demise of some major players too with chains such as JJB Sports, United Carpets and Ethel Austin. The good news is that it’s not just doom and gloom. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) yesterday reported yesterday that UK employment has reached a record high of just under 30 million whilst the unemployment rate has fallen to 7.9%. So what exactly is going on and what is the affect on the business transfer market? The truth is that we live in unprecedented times and no one can accurately predict what lies ahead for the UK economy. We are witnessing a seismic shift in global trading patterns. Decisions taken by politicians in Westminster, Cardiff and Hollyrood have a more limited impact in an increasingly global economy. We are seeing a dramatic shift of power from West to East as the West struggles to de-leverage from both government and household debts built up over the last few decades. Then there is the increasingly dichotomous way we buy things – with high street businesses competing with online and mail order for everything from prescription spectacles through to pet accessories. So where is the good news in all this in relation to those looking to buy or sell a business? In contrast to all the doom and gloom the market for quality businesses – particularly those in the health and leisure sectors is surprisingly buoyant. To understand this we need to look at why people buy businesses in the first place. To be continued…………………..

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