About Us

Objectives, Philosophy & Approach to Business

We put great emphasis on the provision of a personalized service that prioritizes efficency. As the acquisition process usually involves a range of different parties with conflicting interests, our aim is to help you get the best value.

Our range of products and services aim to

  • Demystify the process of buying and selling businesses
  • Highlight the range of approaches and options for buying and selling so that clients are able to make informed choices they are happy with
  • Avoid or tackle the problem of excessive fees and substandard services from lawyers and accountants
  • Help our clients avoid timewasters (both buyers and sellers)
  • Help you or provide you with the tools to facilitate transfers to avoid time delays
  • Help to tackle property-related issues which frequently hold up business transactions
  • Negotiate and see through the transfer of businesses from start to finish where both buyer and seller are satisfied with the outcome

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First City Business Brokers
1 Lloyd Square
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